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the kind of chemistry that just doesnt go away

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“Have you ever had one of those days where nothing at all that monumental happens but by the end of it you have no idea who you are anymore or what the hell you’re doing with your life?”

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But you’re not just another number to me.

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Barney: Hey.
Robin: Hey. Um.. when we were dating, did.. did I make you feel needed? 
Barney: No, I didn’t feel like you needed me at all. 
Robin: That’s what I thought. I’m sorry.. 
Barney: Wait, where are you.. that’s a compliment. You’re the least needy woman I’ve ever met, that’s awesome. I mean, no guy’s going to say ‘who’s your daddy?’ to Robin Scherbatsky, you’re your own daddy. And mommy. And weird survivalist uncle who lives in a cabin with a shotgun, blaming stuff on the government. And that’s what makes you the most amazing, strong, independent woman I’ve ever banged.

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I wish Toby never re-buttoned his shirt.